About Us

About Us

The place to have your dream home designed!

MagicalHomes.in was started to address the frustration and unreasonably high costs confronting people who set out to build their homes and approached Architects, Structural Engineers and Contractors individually. Magical Homes intends to leverage scale and provide a large database of Plans, Elevations and Structural Designs to our customers.

It also intends to ensure high quality and safety of the homes you build for your loved ones. After all, who in their right minds would be okay with putting the lives of their loved ones in the hands of unqualified daily wage mistries? With Magical Homes, you can rest easy knowing that everything was designed by highly qualified Architects and Engineers.

And all the safety and quality with customization to suit your personal needs. Thanks to our team of dedicated partners who will customize your chosen designs to match perfectly to your dreams and requirements.

We will also help you out with finding reliable contractors and PMC so that you need not worry about anything and have your home built for you. Magically!

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