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Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Before the invention of the wardrobes, cabinets were the primary means of keeping and storing various items. However, as bedroom interior ideas have evolved, a variety of wardrobe design for bedroom have emerged, adding to the decorating of your space.

Today’s problem is that a room without a contemporary bedroom wardrobe would appear incomplete since the mess would be obvious throughout the space.

The wardrobe designs that are available today not only provide you with additional features but also provide a unique touch to the decor of your rooms.

Just like there are plenty of options for ceiling design for bedroom, there are plenty of wardrobes for bedrooms are available.

All of them provide your room an ideal look as per your wish, whether it’s a small room or a premium double bedroom.

What Should You Look For When Purchasing A Bedroom Wardrobe?

Are you trying to figure out how to make a bedroom wardrobe? Here are a few things to help you choose the ideal bedroom wardrobe for your space.

  • Before you begin shopping for a wardrobe, take measurements of the space you need to fill.
  • Calculate how many wardrobe drawers you will need to fit all of your items.
  • Look for the correct bedroom wardrobe closet style if you have a larger room.
  • Look thoroughly and pay attention to the materials and colors used in the design of the wardrobe.

Check out these top 20 wardrobe designs for bedroom to get a good concept before making any decision.

Wardrobe Design for Bedroom In India

I’ve compiled a list of 20 simple and up-to-date bedroom wardrobe ideas, complete with photos.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Wardrobe Design for Bedroom With Mirror


The idea of a mirror-enclosed wardrobe isn’t new. It’s been around for a long time. A mirror-enclosed wardrobe saves a lot of space in your bedroom.

You can use the mirror as a dressing table and a closet because of the storage behind it.

A mirror is a crucial tool when designing a tiny room. This is because a mirror-lined wardrobe reflects light and gives the impression of more space.

Mirrors provide practicality to the wardrobe design, whether on conventional hinged closets or contemporary sliding wardrobes.

2. Sliding Wardrobe Design for Bedroom


Wardrobes with sliding doors are an example of a décor option that may provide a lot of value in terms of both function and design.

Because such doors slide on channels rather than swinging and thus do not require much space to open as swinging doors do.

This feature makes them a perfect storage option for compact bedrooms, rooms, and corridors.

Furthermore, the aesthetic characteristics of the furniture are nearly endless because sliding doors are available in a wide selection of materials, coatings, and patterns.

3. Wall Wardrobe Design for Bedroom


Extra storage for clothing and shoes without sacrificing space is a dream come true for most house owners.

Built-in wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are one method to do this.

They conserve floor space, maximize storage, and serve as a room’s fourth wall.

4. Wardrobe Design for Bedroom With Dressing Table

Wardrobe With Dressing Table
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If you’re looking for ideas, have a peek at celebrity residences. Their dressing rooms are worth dying for.

Each item, as well as a variety of shelves, hooks, and drawers, is perfectly organized.

The dressing unit, which is perfectly placed in the center like a showpiece, is what truly attracts attention.

This is not something that can be easily replicated in every home.

However, in everyday Indian homes, we may try to pick the correct wardrobe design for bedroom with dressing table to make things a little simpler.

It’s simple to get ready every day with a vanity unit incorporated into your closet.

5. Interior Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Interior Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

You can never have enough wardrobes and storage, no matter how big or small your house is.

Modular wardrobes come in a range of sizes, materials, and finishes to meet your personal preferences and budget.

Have a look at my recommended wardrobe option. The color scheme of this closet is a lovely aqua blue, with open lofts surrounding the central room.

The addition of heavyweight handles provides the wardrobe a distinct appearance.

The central portion can be transformed into a tiny study or a niche seating area.

6. Simple Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

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This set of wooden bedroom wardrobes is quite popular for providing the bedrooms a classy appearance.

It is designed with the best aspect mixing the old and modern styles.

Along with other wooden furniture, this bedroom wardrobe and drawers provide your space a simple basic look.

7. L Shaped Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Corners in the bedroom are important as they can be utilized to create corner wardrobe designs.

L shape wardrobes are the perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

You can get a lot of inspiration here for making the area of your master bedroom appear distinctive, from small fissures to sloping ceilings, and overhanging niches to freestanding walls.

The above L shape wardrobe is by HomeLane that got my attention. It will make your bedroom seem fantastic while also increasing its functionality.

8. Walk in Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Walk in Wardrobe Design for Bedroom
Walk in Wardrobe Design for Bedroom | Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

Walk-in wardrobes have always been related something to wealth and luxury. But this is no longer the case, anymore.

It is possible to have the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams whether you have an entire room to convert into a closet or a touch bigger than a regular-sized armoire.
Inside you can add a fashionable accent chair in lush fabric, together with a dressing table or vanity area for make-up, which will add a wow factor (and provide you somewhere to sit to buckle your shoes).

Don’t forget to bring one or two full-length mirrors with you so you can see your outfit from all sides.

9. Modern Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Modern Wardrobe Design for Bedroom
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The aesthetic beauty of a bedroom is not just attributable to its decoration and design, and so do wardrobes also contribute to the aesthetic beauty of bedrooms.

They provide extra space for organizing large and little goods such as clothes, bed sheets, and curtains.

Nowadays, you can select from numerous options in the market to create closets that are modern in appearance and have an exquisite wardrobe design with plenty of storage space.

Wardrobes can be altered in any way, from a plain cupboard to one with a unique and attractive appeal.

10. Steel Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

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One of the most well-known and widely used wardrobes is the stainless-steel wardrobe.

Steel is both durable and full of advantages. The stainless-steel wardrobe cabinets are capable of providing a magical solution for storing valuables.

It is up to the individuals to decide how they are going to use it. A steel wardrobe is ideal for storing clothing, papers, money, and other valuables.

It is usually placed in a room and stored in a convenient location.

11. 3 Door Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

3 Door Wardrobe Design for Bedroom
3 Door Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

In today’s market, three-door wardrobe designs are more popular. These wardrobes give additional storage space for storing extra stuff in advance.

As a result, it is an excellent option. Furthermore, a 3 door wardrobe takes up more area in the room. And that is why they are classified as suited for large spaces.

A 3 door wardrobe is the finest option for storing valuable and large items. An extra room allows more items to be brought in.

It is an ideal choice for achieving high-quality storage needs.

12. TV Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

TV Wardrobe Design for Bedroom
TV Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Won’t you enjoy relaxing after a hard day by binge-watching your favorite shows?

We all want to lay down in front of the television after a long, exhausting day. And if your tv setup is as enticing as your favorite TV show, you’ll be able to relax like never before.

I’ve put together a list of TV wardrobe designs that can be used as organizers, display units, and more.

These wardrobe designs are specially constructed to accommodate your television. Check it out!

13. Modular Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Modular Wardrobe Design for Bedroom
Modular Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Modern, contemporary houses get enlighten by modular wardrobes. It is worth showing off spaces by homes that don’t want to be confined to a bygone era.

Modular wardrobes, as the name implies, are storage areas that can be simply assembled and disassembled, are elegant, and run unobtrusively against walls.

Unlike heavy wooden almirahs that seldom changed from a conventional design, today’s wardrobes are made of glass, chrome, and metal, and come in colors ranging from red to white, and shapes ranging from L-shaped to parallel.

14. Open Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Open Wardrobe Design for Bedroom
Image Source

Open wardrobes are trending right now, which is fantastic news for those who live in cramped spaces.

These well-organized clothes storage solutions are ideal for showcasing your wardrobe, making your space appear more spacious, and removing ugly-looking closet doors.

Even people with plenty of wardrobe space are loving this trend. They are an easy choice for those who live in compact houses or modest flats.

You can arrange your open wardrobe in a variety of ways to make it feel more tidy and personal.

For a more rustic aesthetic, create your own elements of wood, or paint everything white for a bright view.

15. Small Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Small Wardrobe Design for Bedroom
Small Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

A small wardrobe design is an ideal storage solution for your little bedroom. In a tiny place, getting extra storage can be difficult, but not impossible.

You can create the wardrobe of your dreams with some creative brainstorming and skilled assistance.

16. Corner Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Corner Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

It fairly happens always that you are only left with a corner in your bedroom for your wardrobe due to the design of your room.

This, however, is not a limitation.

Corner wardrobe designs allow you to make imaginative use of your bedroom space. All you need is someone to stoke the fires of your imagination.

17. Wardrobe Design for Bedroom for Girls

Wardrobe Design for Bedroom for Girls

Girls sometimes get picky when choosing a perfect design for their bedroom, and a wardrobe is a crucial element of it.

Finding a wardrobe design for a bedroom for girls can be a time-consuming task, as satisfaction in seeing few limited options is not the choice.

18. Glass Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

The first thing that springs to mind when considering a glass wardrobe for your bedroom is sophistication. Glass appears to be a luxury.

While storage is necessary for a bedroom, why not conceal it with glass?

Wardrobe door designs with glass typically extend the whole length of the wardrobe from ceiling to floor, making it appear as if it were a separate room that houses your needs.

19. Low Cost Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Low-Cost Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Designing your wardrobe space necessitates a great deal of thought, and doing it on a budget makes it much more difficult.

But don’t worry, there are still a lot of wardrobe selections within your price range.

20. Wardrobe Design for Bedroom With Study Table

Wardrobe Design for Bedroom With Study Table

A wardrobe is an actual furniture item in bedrooms. However, they take up a lot of room, especially if you want a wall-length, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe.

As a result, adding another study table space is not feasible. So you can be a little creative and strike two birds with one stone.

Like the type of study table design above, you can have both a wardrobe and a study table in your bedroom.


Large bedroom wardrobes are now replacing modern bedroom wardrobes that are more cost-effective for compact areas.

Opt for antic or traditional styles and I am absolutely sure that it will drive you insane.

Couples find it comfortable having a bed with a wardrobe design.

I recommend you want to decorate your bedroom with the wardrobe design for bedroom at least once.

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